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Karl-Heinz Erpel spent lots of years at the university - as a janitor. That's why he knows them all - the physicists, the biologists, and all the rest. And he learned a lot in this time as is to be expected from somebody who went to college. An important insight e.g. is the following: If you listen too long to the babble of scientists you get prickly heat in different regions of your body.
Unfortunately, being allergic to bullshit is not recognized as work-related disease by the health fund. That's why Karl-Heinz went into early retirement at the earliest possible. And now he is doing science himself. He seeks and finds the big mysteries that bedazzle the experts - and solves them with horse-sense and visionary intuition. You don't need to be a degree holder - it's enough to have some basic knowledge of mathematics and your good old physics textbook from school! And you should have some earplugs to blend out the permanent cant of the "real" scientists. Those guys really don't like it when you help them solving their problems! Well, a man with visions can achieve more than this pack of nerds. That's why my little series of books is entitled "Erpel's Visions". Therein you will find interesting scientific themes, presented in a comprehensible way with the unspoiled view of the amateur.

Karl-Heinz Erpel lives near Göttingen, Germany, together with his wife Renate.
Contact: k-h-erpel@gmx.de
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